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Lucy Bee New Products, Nature’s Perfect Ingredient

At Lucy Bee, we’re always looking to stock your kitchen cupboards with the most delicious, natural foods imaginable. And now, we’re ready to get those taste buds tingling with our brand new range of products, nature’s perfect ingredients – out this month!

From a chocoholic’s paradise to a spice lover’s dream, we’ve got a whole new host of delicious ingredients to add to your daily essentials. Here’s your chance to meet all our new products:

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Raw Cacao Powder

250g SRP £7.50


Rich, delicious and intensely satisfying, our new Fair Trade, organic cacao is sure to curb even the strongest of chocolate cravings. All the way from the Dominican Republic, we believed we’ve sourced the tastiest cacao on the planet. Perfect for a warming hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, or for giving an antioxidant boost to porridge and your favourite cakes and brownies, we don’t believe there’s a person on the planet who wouldn’t like this powder. 

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Raw Lucuma Powder

250g SRP £9.50


The colour of sunshine, Lucuma is sure to bring a smile to your face. Used for years by the Incas as a natural sweetener, this yellow powder (made raw and organic for you) comes all the way from the Lucuma fruit in Peru. We love adding spoonsful of this to sweeten up smoothies, cakes, frostings and even homemade ice cream – trust us, it’s delicious!

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Maca Powder

125g SRP £9.50 

Maca Powder v2

This malty-tasting powder also comes from the Peruvian valleys and was once used by ancient Inca warriors pre-battle. Its light taste also means it’s wonderful pared with chocolate flavourings (think chocolate shakes), meaning it’s perfect to sprinkle into hot chocolate, porridge, homemade cakes or raw energy bars.

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder

125g SRP £3.75

Cinnamon Powder v2

This warming, natural sweetener is one of our everyday essentials. All the way from Kerala, India, our cinnamon is the perfect way to add sweetness to dishes, without resorting to sugar. We love it sprinkled into lattes, over porridge, added to crumbles and thrown into meals, including chilli.

Lucy Bee Fair Trade Organic Turmeric Powder

250g SRP £5.75


This mustard yellow spice is also wonderfully versatile, and has far more uses than just your usual curries. We get our turmeric from Kerala and add to Asian cuisines, soups, and even turmeric lattes. Just be careful to not stain your fingers too much…

Still not sure how to use these new ingredients? Check out our website for lots of recipe inspiration.

We’ve also introduced a selection of salts – one is for cooking and the others for your beauty needs.

Lucy Bee Himalayan Salt

250g SRP £2.50 or 1kg £5.25

Lucy-Bee-Himalayan-Salt-Pack-Front 250g

No kitchen cupboard is complete without an array of salts, and our food grade Himalayan pink salt has to be one of the prettiest additions imaginable.

With its huge mineral content, we love to use it in place of table salt to add a tasty nutrient boost to all our meals.


Lucy Bee Dead Sea Salts

1kg £6.75

Our Dead Sea Salt is world-renowned for its wonderfully therapeutic effects. Rich in natural minerals, these salts are perfect for a detox bath.


Lucy Bee Epsom Salt

1kg SRP £4.95

Meanwhile, our Epsom Salt is a well-known natural remedy and is full of magnesium.


We like to use these to ease stress, muscle aches and pains and to exfoliate dead skin – especially when added to Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, of course! Check out Lucy’s body scrub using our coconut oil and salts.

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