Coconut Oil for Cooking


Why Should I Use Coconut Oil for Cooking?

Coconut oil has both health benefits and a great flavour. It’s also reasonably priced and will keep for at least two years without being refrigerated. It’s a great substitute for processed oil and is naturally lactose free, meaning you can replace butter too.

Unrefined coconut oil has a smoke point of approx 175C.


The flavour is quite neutral when cooking savoury dishes and comes into its own when used in baking, enhancing flavours rather than dominating them.

Can I use any Type of Coconut Oil?

The best coconut oil is extra virgin, organic, raw and cold pressed. The best quality oils are also vegetarian and vegan. Some oils are also Kosher certified.

How do you use Coconut Oil in the Kitchen?

Coconut oil has already become a food staple for all, not just celebrities and sport performers. Angelina Jolie eats coconut oil with cereal for breakfast, according to the Daily Mail and elite Rugby player Danny Cipriani also eats it as part of an athlete’s diet.

Put simply coconut oil can be used as a substitute for butter and oils (ideal if you are lactose intolerant), so spread it on your bread, put in a smoothie, fry and bake.

5 Ways to Start Eating Coconut Oil

  1. Try it on a piece of toast for breakfast (you can add your jam or marmalade on top).
  2. Add a spoonful to your coffee (it makes the taste richer) or smoothie.
  3. Roast your favourite root vegetables.
  4. Fry some eggs (the taste is neutral yet savoury).
  5. Use as a substitute fat in your baking (it brings out the sweetness).

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