Where to Buy Raw Coconut Oil, 3 Choices


So you’ve heard of Lucy Bee and now want to know where to buy raw coconut oil. I’ve made it easier for you by giving you a few choices as to where to buy coconut oil for cooking, for your hair and even for your pets!

It’s no surprise as to how quickly the use of coconut oil has taken off and the different places coconut oil can be bought, with its numerous health benefits and uses. And don’t forget Lucy Bee is Fair Trade too, so everyone benefits.

Choice 1

Buy Raw Coconut Oil From Your Local Shop

Buy LocallyWe’re pretty ‘green’ at Lucy Bee. That’s why the oil comes in glass jars, so they’re easy to recycle (oh and the coconut oil is kept pure).  Local shops are having a hard time and it’s great to go and talk to people, perhaps find a bargain (lots of local health shops do promotions on coconut oil).  Support Your Local Shop.


 Choice 2

Buy Coconut Oil From The ‘Big Boys’

Coconut OIl at Sainsbury'sThe ‘big boys’ are the supermarkets and for Lucy Bee that means Sainsbury’s, where you’ll find us in the cooking oil aisle. We’re in most branches of Sainsbury’s but check on our website to make sure we’re in yours.

Not forgetting you can also find us in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic stores.

Choice 3

Buy Coconut Oil Online

Organic Coconut Oil on AmazonWell, online means Amazon doesn’t it? And we’re on Amazon (at a great price, so worth buying multiple jars and getting the free postage – plus you can leave a review if you want to!). Did I mention eBay? Yep, you can get Lucy Bee delivered, at a good price, on eBay. AND we have a selection of online retailers, too, that often have promotions running, so always worth a look.

Coconut Oil Promotion – DON’T FORGET!

Lucy Bee AdminWe think everyone (well maybe not quite everyone) will have coconut oil in his or her kitchen within a few years. It’s one of those things that once tried you’ll want in your kitchen and your bathroom, so for all our loyal customers we’re giving away (in a long term promotion) a FREE jar of LB when you send us 12 labels. See how on YouTube.

See the Coconut Oil Promotion on YouTube

If you have any more questions about where to buy your coconut oil ‘fix’ then have a look at our Where to Buy FAQ or drop us an email, oh and you can ask on Twitter, just put @lucybeecoconut in your tweet.

Twitter is Great

We know not everyone is on Twitter but it’s well worth it as you get a mix of info’ recipes and beauty tips shared by models, personal trainers and some fab’ cooks!

Do please tell us where you’ve seen Lucy Bee for sale locally. We love to help out local shops!

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