Which Of These Oils Has Fewest Calories – Can You Guess?


Oils, calories and saturated fats

What would be your answer to the question, “Which of these oils has fewest calories?” by looking at the photograph above? Not sure yet….ok, well read on and see if your initial thoughts were right.

There’s a lot of confusion about fats, calories and diets and when you throw saturated fats into the equation, the confusion only grows!  Well worry no more as we want to explain how one saturated fat is different to the others – I’m talking about coconut oil.

A question that often comes up is “how is coconut oil different when it’s a saturated fat, which we’ve been told not to eat”.

It’s all about eating the right kind of fat

Basically, the more fat we eat, the more calories we consume BUT if we cut down on fat we also reduce the essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins that our body needs. So what’s the answer? Coconut oil!

Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) predominantly made up of lauric acid. It’s worth researching these and seeing their benefits or otherwise.

So, what about the calories?

In the words of Bruce Fife* (the Coconut Guru!) “You don’t need to diet to lose weight; instead you need to make wise food choices.”

You can see from the table below that unrefined coconut oil contains fewer calories and can be included in a diet that has a good balance of all food groups, including exercise and drinking plenty of water.

This table is a comparison of calories per tablespoon in common oils – and don’t be put off by the saturated fat content….remember it’s all about how the body metabolises it.

 Oil Calories per tablespoon Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g)
 Almond Oil  119  14  1
 Avocado Oil  124  14  1.6
 Coconut Oil  117  13.6  11.8
 Corn Oil  120  14  2
 Extra Virgin Olive  Oil  120  14  2
 Flaxseed Oil   120  13.6  1.3
 Hemp Seed Oil  126  14  1.5  
 Olive Oil   119  13.5  1.9
 Palm Oil   120  13.6  6.7
 Sesame Oil   120  13.6  1.9
 Soybean Oil   120  13.6  2
 Sunflower Oil   120  13.6  1.8
 Vegetable Oil  124  14  0.9

“The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil give it properties that make it unique and considered by many to be the healthiest oil on earth” Bruce Fife*, N.D

*Source: The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife C.N, N.D

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