Books about Coconut Oil – ‘The Coconut Oil Miracle’


The Coconut Oil Miracle

by Bruce Fife

is where the whole Lucy Bee story started.

Having been diagnosed as coeliac as a child, Lucy’s family made it their quest to eat healthily. The missing part of the jigsaw puzzle of healthy fats to include in their diet was completed when a friend from Hong Kong gave Lucy’s family this book, along with a jar of organic coconut oil. It became a staple of family life, from frying eggs to baking and spreading on toast. So much so that they set up Lucy Bee Ltd to source a premium quality, Fair Trade, organic, extra virgin coconut oil at a more affordable price.

Can a Book Change Your Life?

‘Those who tell stories rule the world’ – Plato. It takes more than one story or book to change a life but the coconut oil story could benefit your life.

What’s in the Book?

The book is now in its fourth edition and offers an extensive explanation on the numerous benefits of coconut oil and the answer to “But it’s a saturated fat…..” It shows how coconut oil can:-

  • Promote weight loss
  • Help protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion


  • Prevent premature ageing of the skin

Plus there are recipes to get you started on the path to eating healthily.

‘The Coconut Oil Miracle’ Reviews

This review appears on the Good Reads website. The reviewer, Margret is a trained nutritionist in the USA.

‘This is a very unconventional book from what is taught in nutrition courses. It is very necessary for students to read this as medium chain fats are hardly ever discussed.‘ 

Isn’t it interesting that students on these courses are not taught about medium chain fats?

The review continues…

‘It took me a hard time to digest the material simply because I had been so brainwashed in school but after I got over it, I practiced it on myself and have seen a vast improvement in my health and my children.

Anyone interested in nutrition and health should have a copy of this book. As a nutritionist, I will vouch for it….

Read the rest of the ‘Coconut Oil Miracle’ review on Good Reads.

The ‘Coconut Oil Miracle’ is available from all good book shops and online at

Further Coconut Oil Reading

Currently the most popular book on Amazon is another Bruce Fife title ‘Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut

If you do read these books, leave a review and mention which coconut oil you prefer.

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