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Coconut Oil Promotion – Get a Free Jar of Lucy Bee

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Get a FREE Jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Lots of very lovely people buy Lucy Bee, so we’re going to reward them for buying so much. Please read more about the promotion at the end of this post.

Coconut Oil Promotion Video

This video tells you how to get your free jar.

Don’t Want to Watch the Video?

It’s a very simple promo. Just send in 12 Lucy Bee labels, with your address to:-

Lucy Bee Ltd
PO Box 214
SG14 2ZX

And we’ll send you a FREE jar of our coconut oil!

Glass Appeal

You’ll see that the labels on the jars are easy peel and the jars themselves are glass. Lucy Bee oil comes in glass so you can recycle the jars and that’s also why the labels are easy peel so you can use them for other things.

The Best Thing About Lucy Bee

Well, we have a huge amount of friends on Twitter who are always raving about coconut oil and coming up with tweets that, make you laugh, here’s one from @claireWickta

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Promotion 1

Fit People Eat Lucy Bee

You see, we’re followed by ‘Hawaiian Goddesses’, not to mention lots of other fit people, not just athletes but everyday types who just want to look good and models, personal trainers, dancers all exchanging tips and recipes. Oh yes and there’s lots of coconut oil beauty tips on Twitter as well.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is:-

  • Raw & Virgin Cold Pressed
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian & Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Gluten & Lactose Free

AND it’s Fair Trade!

Where to Buy Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil is available in the cooking oils aisle in Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and numerous independent health stores and from Amazon (just search for organic coconut oil).

Have a great day,

Lucy Bee


About the Lucy Bee 12-for-1 Label Promotion
The Lucy Bee 12-for-1 Label promotion is a little ‘give back’ for our loyal buyers. It’s an open-ended promotion, well, for the foreseeable future and baring ‘acts of God’ we’ll keep it rolling (we do have to reserve the right to change this at any time though).

Jar Sizes
It would be great if you send in 12 labels for the same size of jar, that’s either 12 x 300ml or 12 x 500ml, but we’re not going to quibble over a couple of labels from different sized jars.

About Lucy Bee Limited
Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health.


  1. I would like to apply for a Jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Promotion.
    I have known the benefits of coconut water and oil for many years.
    Recently I went to Brazil and unfortunately got a virus in the water. I had diarreia every day for one month and a half,I was very ill,lost 20 kilos weight and had to return to the UK.Still in Brazil, I had an excellent dietitian that prescribed me a strict organic food diet and recommended me to cook my food with brazilian pressed coconut oil. I followed her advice, but my brazilian coconut oil is about to finish. I read your article in The Times newspapers dated September 17,2015.
    Please, can you send me a free Jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Promotion, before my brazilian coconut pressed oil finishes ?
    My email:eunice217@hotmail.co.uk.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Eunice, Many thanks for your message and I hope you’re well on the road to good health again. This promotion of a free jar is when you save and send us 12 Lucy Bee labels of the same size and we then send you a jar of that size.

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