Alzheimer’s and Coconut Oil, Kal Parmar’s Story


Kal Parmar

Kal is a man who didn’t stand still when his father, Vrajlal was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Kal began looking for ways to help and support his Dad. On his quest he came across a video by Doctor Mary Newport. In the video Dr Newport relates her experience with her Alzheimer’s suffering husband and the use of coconut oil in his diet.

In this video Kal relates how he started his father on two teaspoons of coconut oil a day and increased the amount to six tablespoons. Kal describes how his father experienced a ‘shift in happiness’ and a growth in ‘positivity. ‘

Settled Sleep

During the video you’ll hear Kal describe how his and his father’s sleep improved. Peaceful sleep is a great boon for anyone caring for a relative long term.

Alzheimer’s Research

If you suspect that someone you know may be developing the condition then this guide to spotting the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s provided by an American charity, could help.

Alzheimer’s UK Charity

Alzheimer’s Research UK offers a very useful guide to Dementia care, including a list of helpful phone numbers and Websites.

Kal  Parmar’s Website

Kal ParmarKal maintains a Website dedicated to helping others.
Visit: Remember Coconut





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