Surfing with Corinne Evans


Guest blog by Corinne Evans

Getting into Surfing

Surfing first came into my life when I moved from the inner city to the beautiful Cornish Coast!

I always loved being in the Ocean and moving to Cornwall allowed me to dip my toes every day. Surfing took a while to grab hold of me as I was a little intimidated at the start, as I grew more confident, surf took over my life and soon became the only thing that really mattered to me.

I now surf every day if I can and this means I need to make sure I start the day well!

I always make sure I have a delicious breakfast – poached eggs and avocado on toast is my favourite!

I try to incorporate coconut oil into my diet as well as into my health and beauty regime and I’ve recently started adding coconut oil to my morning coffee. For this I blend freshly brewed coffee with rice milk and a teaspoon of coconut oil. It tastes delicious and sets me up for a log day of surfing!

Coconut Oil for Hair

Photo credit to Animal and Will Bailey
Photo credit to Animal and Will Bailey

Coconut oil is also my hair’s best friend! Once a week I like to use it as a treatment on my hair. The sun and salt can really dry out my curls but coconut oil nourishes my hair and leaves it smelling great!

Eating healthy isn’t the only way I try to look after my body. When I’m not surfing I enjoy Yoga and Pilates. I find the exercises do wonders for my body and help keep my core strong for my surfing. I try not to build muscle but just tone the muscle that I already have.


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