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Health, diet and exercise

Our philosophy at Lucy Bee is an all-round healthy lifestyle which includes diet (eating natural, organic, nutrient rich ingredients) and exercise (vital to promote a body that’s in ‘tip top’ condition).

To compliment this we’ll be doing a series of features on health professionals that incorporate Lucy Bee into their healthy eating plan from Personal Trainers to Gyms. We’ll give you some information on where they are, what they have to offer and, who knows, maybe encourage you to join them! Equally, if you’d like us to feature your favourite gym or PT, email with some details.

Evolution Health and Fitness

This month, we start with Evolution Health and Fitness in Crosshands, Carmarthenshire, West Wales.

Evolution Health and Fitness is an independently owned, purpose built gym which offers a diverse range of fitness facilities for all ages. Here, exercise is all about YOU and what it is that you want to achieve – you can train on your own, be part of a class or have a bespoke programme written by one of their 3 personal trainers, including nutritional advice too.

The team are enthusiastic and motivated and want to share that with their members.


Evolution strives to make fitness affordable and offers anytime gym access to all with on-going support from their fitness team from £19.99 per month. There’s a variety of membership packages to suit your needs, which are available on their website (see below).


Are you looking to strengthen core muscles, want to focus on fat burning or do you prefer the motivation of group exercise? Well you can do all that and more at Evolution!

The gym has state of the art equipment in their fully air-conditioned exercise rooms designed to challenge you and improve your fitness:

  • Hammer Strength‘Hammer Strength’ Performance Area to help build strength, power and build muscle, improving your all over performance. Think I can feel a sweat coming on!
  • Cardio Room to burn fat, increase stamina and fitness using ‘Life Fitness’ equipment which include individual 15”LCD screens to allow you to monitor your progress or, if you prefer, you can catch up on your favourite tv show or sing along to your i-pod…..that’s while you work-out, not curled up in the corner on a bean bag!        
  • Studio classes are the perfect opportunity to exercise with others – some people feel more motivated if they can drag friends along too! You can choose from Zumba ( have you ever tried this? Such fun especially when you do it with friends), yoga-fit, kettlebells and even dance classes for 5-11 year olds to name but a few.
  • Sauna – what nicer way to end your exercise routine than to relax in the sauna. This centuries old ritual was prescribed to cleanse the body and soul. By resting in the approx 180 C heat, muscles are relaxed (perfect after a hard workout), your body detoxified (the warmth releases poisons and heavy metals beneath the skin) and skin is left glowing. Perfect! Just remember, though, to drink plenty of water afterwards to replenish all that lost fluid.

Personal Trainers

Adam, Richard and Candice are on hand to offer their professional advice in either group sessions or on a one to one basis. You can have your specific needs addressed from sports massage, training programmes, bootcamp or nutrition and diet plans.

Nutrition and Diet

We like to say “exercise and nutrition go hand in hand” and staff at Evolution promote this too. They will guide you through this (sometimes) complex area and to make life easier, you can even buy some of their recommendations directly from them. Their ‘Natural Nutrition area’ includes:

  • Coconut oil – Lucy Bee is used by many athletes who enjoy its metabolism boosting properties. It is rich in lauric acid which enhances the immune system, contains Vitamins E and K and is cholesterol free.
  • Coconut flour – a grain free flour making it suitable for coeliacs, rich in protein and fibre
  • Himalayan Salt – this promotes a healthy PH balance in the body’s cells.
  • Natural whey protein – used to improve athletic performance.

I love that ‘feel good factor’ after a workout and often end with a super healthy smoothie – makes you feel on top of the world.

Oh and, if like me, you want to look good whilst pumping some iron, Evolution sell their own branded gym wear. Can it get any better?

Evolution Branded Kit

If you live in the area and want to start or improve on your fitness regime, Evolution would love to hear from you.

This friendly team will help you achieve a better you! My thanks to them for their valued support,

For further details please visit their website:

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