Coconut Oil and Athletic Performance Video


Whilst searching for facts about how coconut oil is used by athletes I came across this short video that gives an insight to using coconut oil for athletic performance.

Michael Lara, MD, who practices near San Francisco and specialises in the treatment of mood and memory disorders, created the video. He combines diet and exercise with more mainstream pharmacology.

  • Video Title: ‘How to use Coconut Oil to Become a Better Athlete’
  • Video Length: 03:16
  • Who’s it for: Recreational Athletes
  • Video Contents: A study of MCTs and the effect on exercise

Coconut Oil Study

Michael quotes a study that took place using a group of athletes in Japan in 2009. The objective of the study was to access the impact of a 2-week programme of MCT supplements on exercise performance, in this case a cycling test.

Find out how the athletes took the coconut oil and the results in this short video.

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